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War Mother

Written by Data Tavadze

Directed by Richard Aven

Monday, July 17 @ 4pm

Featuring Mary Ellen Toomey, Lori Vega, Conor Wright, Nicole M. Gut, and W Tre Davis

In a war-torn land, two women wait on their loved ones to return home. But the town itself is ill shelter for the conflict residing within each character in this dark exploration of human nature.


Written by Nestan Kvinikadze

Directed by Liz Thaler

Monday, July 24 @ 4pm

Featuring Therese Anderberg, Nicole M. Gut, Natalie Hegg, and Owen Scott

Maria and Nana work odd jobs to scrape by, which is why they’re stuck taking care of a bedridden woman and her cat. But when a gigolo keeps showing up and a death offers a chance for a payday – what are two friends to do?

On The Latch

Written by Basa Janikashvili

Directed by Justin Yorio

Tuesday, July 25 @ 4pm

Featuring Cherie Corinne-Rice, Phil Estrera, Jacqueline Jarrold, Katie Rose Krueger, Natalie Rich, and Richard Waddingham

A prosecutor's office in a land of totalitarian rule. A citizen barges in demanding to be arrested – for having committed no crime. A satirical look at guilt and suspicion when living in a police state. Is freedom its own prison?


Written by Rezo Kldiashvili

Directed by Jacob Titus

Wednesday, July 26 @ 4pm

Featuring Roger Casey, Kevin Delano, Ariel Estrada, Lauren Lubow, Tiffany May McRae, and Kristian Sorensen.

A graveyard in suburban California holds a secret of a soldier’s past – one that demands a pilgrimage to the Caucasus. A new interpretation of George Steinbeck’s novel Tortilla Flat, seen through the prism of magical realism.

On The Eagle’s Wings

Written by Guram Batiashvili

Monday, July 31 @ 4pm

The newly-formed state of Israel is beset on all sides by enemies. With war looming and allied commitments faltering, a long sought-after Nazi war criminal is smuggled to Israel for a trial. Will this bring justice – or open fresh wounds?

Liv Stein

Written by Nino Haratischwili

Directed by Adam Knight

Featuring Elizabeth Bays, Rebecca Correia, Ross DeGraw, Sarah Nedwek, and Monica Wyche

Tuesday, August 1 @ 4pm

Classical music and dark passions entwine in this lush, shadow-strewn play about a renowned, reclusive pianist and her new student.

The Iron Curtain

Written by Dato Turashvili

Directed by Khris Lewin

Thursday, August 3 @ 4pm

The border of two countries at war. A volleyball match played between soldiers determines the constantly shifting lines of nations – and sparks a romance. Can love between neighbors exist beyond the barbed wire?

All readings FREE to the public.

Readings will take place at Teatro Circulo, 64 East 4th Street (between 2nd and Bowery).


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