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"Full of intrigue... lush and fantastical." - The New York Times

"Probably the most intriguing version of Hamlet I have ever seen!" - Times Square Chronicles

“Akunin’s script is dazzling, and his new (or should we say alternate?) Hamlet is a breathtaking journey: full of wit, humor, tragedy, and twists." - Stage Buddy


"A fresh interpretation of Hamlet has hit the NY stage... Solidly directed with clever stylistic choices by Irina Gachechiladze and led by a powerhouse cast!" - Yes Broadway

“Shakespeare’s Hamlet, made into a detective story, investigates international political intrigues and flirts with the dichotomy between fiction and reality.” - Theatre Is Easy

“Striking presentational elements, terrific direction, fine performances and an interesting concept” - TheatreScene

“Akunin is brilliant!” -

“Scenes are made more spectacular by Giya Kanchelli’s sound score which feels light, like pinpricks on the skin.” - OffOffOnline

"Witty and sharp language... from a writer particularly sensitive to political upheavals and crime" - The Knockturnal

One of "the Best Off-Off Broadway" shows! - TimeOutNY

"Not to miss! Akunin’s adaptation illuminates a contemporary international political issue: how to eradicate the old to make way for the new." -

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